Birch Abbey is a special place, full of very special people. From the wonderful individuals and families who use our services to our remarkable, highly gifted, passionate and loving team members. Birch Abbey is a new style of care centre founded on our own vision for what people and what their families living with dementia really need.

It’s about supporting friends and family too, supporting everyone to get on with life as best as possible despite the challenges of our family’s health.

The key to this is creating new services and more flexible services from a single team. We are doing this by providing Dementia care, Dementia Nursing care and Dementia Palliative care in one place and all from our wonderful team.

Keeping faces familiar and building real relationships. Getting rid of the chopping and changing between different providers of different services and ensuring that if Birch Abbey becomes your home you will not need to move just because your needs change.

The other key element is that Birch Abbey services are available for short respite periods or on a longer residency basis. So all all options are available to meet your needs now and in the future.


We offer a service that helps people to continue to live their lives to the fullest.

We represent a positive change in dementia; we’ve got new ideas and strong belief that we can improve the lives of our clients through a mixture of high level expertise and a genuinely caring team.

Our culture and values differ dramatically from what you may find at most dementia centres, we have a much more progressive and balanced vision for the treatment of our clients. For example our services always strive to offer the perfect balance between delivering high quality care and supporting the individual to live as actively and independently as possible. respecting this balance is so important to us, as it allows us to give our clients the best chance of continuing to live their life happily.

Our approach has been very successful and has helped Birch Abbey build up a fantastic reputation for high level expertise and care. we’re not going to let success go to our heads through, we’re always tweaking and improving our services and our centre to ensure that Birch Abbey continues to deliver the best possible dementia care to our clients.


Our qualified and experienced care staff are on hand 24 hours a day to provide a high standard of care and they are a highly trained and dedicated team who specialise in care of older people.

Our catering team are on hand every day to ensure that the nutritional requirements of all our residents are met, with all special diets catered for. Our chefs come and meet all our residents to discuss meal choices, likes and dislikes.

We also have an enthusiastic domestic team who will ensure that the home is kept clean and tidy and is always in pristine condition. Our onsite laundry service will ensure that clothes are cleaned and returned swiftly. Our philosophy of care states that attention to detail and flexibility are the differences and all our staff are willing and able to go the extra mile.

Birch Abbey
55 Alexandra Road

Tel: 01704 535 786